July 3, 2012

How to Efficiently Pack Your Suitcase So You Don’t Arrive With a Crumpled Mess

June 24, 2012

It might be an ad for an over-priced line of fashionable clothing and accessories, but Louis Vuitton’s The Art of Packing website is still chock full of excellent tips and tutorials on how to properly fold your clothes and pack a variety of suitcases….


Organized Wonder

May 18, 2012

Organized Wonder is a new way to share and discover the best talks, documentaries, interviews, short films and various other videos scattered across the web. Fantastic!…

How To Thoroughly Dry Your Hands With Just One Piece of Paper Towel

May 9, 2012

You don’t always walk away from a TED Talk feeling like you’ve learned something useful, but this time you will. Joe Smith presents a simple but incredibly useful technique that guarantees you can dry your hands using just a single square of paper towel….

Stories from Amsterdam

April 13, 2012

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