Rain Shield – a creative umbrella

December 10, 2012

The Rain Shield offers a shield-like umbrella and is crafted with a single curved steel wire and a telescopic rod. It has no pointed ends or sharp edges, and it won’t blow inside out in windy conditions. It protects users from rains and splashes. The shield is foldable and easy…


Killspencer Workshop Film

December 7, 2012

The talented crew over at Killspencer give us a look at their Downtown LA digs where they design, hand-craft, and manufacture their line of functional bags and accessories, all of which is made-to-order. Also of note, is the American release of their James Jean “Strata Coil” collaboration that is available…


The iPhone Wrist Strap

December 5, 2012

Considering how often I drop my phone, I fully qualify to own one of these iPhone Wrist Straps….


POC Snow Helmet X Beats by Dr DRE

December 4, 2012

One of POC´s most popular helmets, the “Receptor Bug” is now exclusively available with powerful Beats by Dr. Dre headphones built into the neck roll. You can take calls, switch songs and adjust volume using the remote control, all this with the Beats International renowned superior sound quality.

The Communication Neckroll…


Samurai Umbrella

December 3, 2012

The gentlemans umbrella meets the warriors sword! With the cool Samurai umbrella you will be begging for rain, and when it starts pouring you can whip it out like a ninja…The umbrella was designed by Materious for Kikkerland and features an authentic samurai sword handle replica. It easily opens with…


Limited Edition Hobbit Moleskine Notebooks

December 2, 2012

Limited Edition Moleskine notebooks have been popping up quite a bit recently as we approach the holiday season, and the latest collaboration comes to us in the Limited Edition Hobbit Molsekine Notebooks.

With ‘The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey’ set to hit theaters on December 14th, these notebooks paying homage to…



December 2, 2012

Want an obsessively clean desk? OCDock is an iPhone dock for iMac and Apple displays, it uses the footprint of your displays stand and was developed to free your working space from clutter. The dock is made from Apple-grade aluminum and seamlessly camouflages into your display stand….


Triple Aught Design LensLight Mini TAD Edition Ti

December 2, 2012

If your current flashlight in your “everyday carry” arsenal isn’t up to snuff, we have a feeling this new piece from Triple Aught Design will. Coming in at 3.8 inches long and 3.4oz, this lightweight, light-spewing beast of titanium is not only compact, but can pump out 300 lumens (1.5…


notNeutral for Rapha

December 1, 2012

No, its not just coffee mug with a cool Rapha logo/graphic slapped onto the front. Rapha teamed up with notNeutral who design the cups with baristas from Intelligentsia, who developed over 36 iterations before ending up with their final design which has a thicker base to help retain the heat…


Oru Kayak – Origami Folding Boat

November 30, 2012

We have seen the ancient Japanese art of origami applied to sheets of paper for creating birds, plants and other shapes, but we never thought we´d see it applied to a real size kayak! The Oru Kayak by designer Anton Willis is a compact and lightweight(25 lbs) boat which folds…


Advent Calendar

November 28, 2012

This minimal advent calendar is after my own heart. It lets you write a daily note to the recipient. Love it….


USB Power Strip

November 27, 2012

Universal USB Charger 10 plugs fit most mobile devices. Assorted random- pink; green; blue & orange.

Source: Fancycrave.com…


Stick-Up Weekly Calendar

November 27, 2012

The Stick-Up Weekly Calendar is a sticky note and calendar. Put it right by your keyboard on your desk as a wrist pad. You can write down your to-dos for the week, peel off a sheet, then tack up the sheet on your computer or wall as a reminder. You…


Word. Notebooks

November 26, 2012

Designed by the folks at Cool Material, Word. is a new collection of notebooks with a unique bullet system for keeping your todo list nice and tidy. The books come in a variety of colors, but that Swedish Camo cover definitely takes the cake. $10, Word….


Footprint Sandals

November 21, 2012


Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case

November 18, 2012

The all-new Lifeproof case for the iPhone 5 will ensure your prized gadget is protected from water, snow, dirt and shock! The case is light weigth and has a sleek design, it allows you to fully submerge it under water down to 6,6´/2m for up to 30 minutes, and is…


Millican James the Duffle

November 17, 2012

Don’t confuse Millican’s James the Duffle for another take on the classic stuff sack. This bag is covered in weatherproof cotton, has a side zip for easy packing, features multiple pockets, shoulder straps that can be converted into backpack straps, and has a padded pocket for your laptop. $261, Millican…

Everlane Scottish Scarves

November 17, 2012

Another reasonably-priced homerun from the folks over at Everlane: Scottish Scarves. Crafted in Hawick, Scotland, the scarves are available in six colors and are made from a fine, lightweight Merino wool. $65, Everlane…


Baseball Bat Flashlight

November 16, 2012

There are 2 things that every household needs in case of an emergency, and that’s a flashlight and a baseball bat. Thankfully someone else felt the same way and combined the two devices into one convenient contraption called the LED Baseball Bat Flashlight.

This is the ultimate theft prevention kit, great…


Ganzo x Monocle Folio Case

November 16, 2012

With businesses going paperless left and right, its as good a time as ever to streamline your kit and get rid of the bulk. Ganzo and Monocle’s beautiful Folio Case has more than enough room for a tablet and any sort of paperwork you actually need for the workday. $1,188,…


Limited Edition 2013 Star Wars Daily Planner by Moleskine

November 15, 2012

Paying homage to our favorite movie franchise of all time, the Limited Edition Moleskine 2013 Star Wars Daily Planner is the perfect gift for any Star Wars seeing that the new year is literally right around the corner.

The daily diary features an all black cover with black and white debossing…


Space Bar iMac Desktop Organiser

November 15, 2012

Designed by Michael Cavada, this sleek workstation takes on many of the same attributes as the U-Board, but with slightly different aesthetics. The Space Bar is a simple brushed aluminum workstation organizer equipped with six USB ports to keep clutter to an absolute minimum. Elevated 1.5 inches off…


dtail’s Biggest Ever Sale!

November 12, 2012

Come and check out our biggest ever sale at the dtail store, come and pick up some design goodies!

Check it out here – dtail store…


Apolis + Handsome Coffee Honduras Coffee Project

November 9, 2012

Apolis and artisan coffee joint Handsome Coffee Roasters team up to deliver affordable healthcare and education for the community Siguatepeque, Honduras with their new premium coffee roast. The Co-op Roast is roasted weekly at Handsome’s Downtown LA headquarters and has a sweet, soft citrus finish that is recommended with or…


Ice and Dry Ice Cases for iPhone 5

November 8, 2012

ice case(transparent) or the dry ice case(frosted)….


HTP Anniversary Special Edition

November 8, 2012

To celebrate the company´s one year anniversary they have created a special edition watch, a stylish, military look timepiece with a vintage style hand sown leather strap. Only 100 will be available so be quick to order….


Snolo high performance Sled

November 8, 2012

The sleek Snolo high performance Sled, is the latest innovation in snow sports, has great maneuverability and folds up to be carried like a backpack.

Read more…


Padded Laptop Bag by Filson

November 7, 2012

This beautiful padded laptop bag by Filson only gets better with age. The bag is made with industrial weight rugged twill that shrugs off rain, mud, and abrasion….


LaCie CloudBox

November 7, 2012

Leave it to LaCie and designer Neil Poulton to make something as mundane as Network Attached Storage look good. The sleek white monolith is available in 1 to 3TBs and can deliver your content to any Mac, PC, Smartphone, or Tablet in your home or on the road via’s LaCie’s…


Hard Graft iPad Mini Case

November 7, 2012

Always quick to answer the need of Apple’s design-savvy early adopters, Hard Graft releases their first iPad mini case. The case does double duty as both a sleeve and a stand which rolls up and keeps your tablet upright for typing. $TBD, Hard Graft…


retaW Luggage Tags

November 7, 2012

retaW’s got just the thing to freshen to help freshen up those smoke-ridden hotel rooms. Their new Luggage Tags are perfect for hotel rooms or cars and are available in their popular Allen, Evelyn, and Barney scents. $15, retaW…


Swiss Clock with Swing Arm

November 6, 2012

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