Lytro Packaging

May 29, 2013

Uneka wanted to design a package for the Lytro camera that put it up on the pedestal that it deserved. The out-of-box experience presents the camera as the hero and provides a nice reveal and easy access to the product. The ID of the packaging follows the clean look and…


Slice a Recipe

May 29, 2013

Created as a teaching tool for an introductory cooking class, this cookbook was designed to improve cutting skills, before reaching the recipes inside. Students are required to actually cut the book apart by following thin cutting lines – with each slice reveals more instructions for the class. They improve their…


Winsor & Newton

May 15, 2013

If you ever dabble into fine arts, you are familiar with The Griffin of the fine art world, Winsor & Newton. Their legacy had passed on from one generation of artists to another; the brand was my mother’s choice of water color as an art student, and 20 years later…


Artisan White Edition Playing Cards

May 15, 2013

Artisan Black Edition playing cards in 2012, received an incredible welcome. David Copperfield called it “the greatest playing cards ever produced.” On Friday, May 10th, Theory 11 released the anticipated follow-up to the deck, Artisan White Edition.

“The Artisan White Edition playing cards, like the previous Black Edition, were designed…


Zizzi’s Oil Cans

May 14, 2013

Check out these Oil can packaging design for Italian restaurant chain Zizzi designed by Tobias Hall. Zizzi was born in 1999 with thier first restaurant opening in Chadwick, London. Since then, they’ve opened more than 100 restaurants across the UK.

Zizzi’s aim:

“To stand out from the crowd. Each restaurant is a…


Verso Skincare Packaging Design

May 13, 2013

Packaging design for Verso Skincare by Tomorrow Studio, Sweden.

“Verso is latin and means reverse, as in the backside of a painting or the back view of a dress. It is what is normally hidden underneath, the mirror view. In a metaphorical sense, you could say it means going your own…


Eat Me Ice Cream

May 12, 2013

Packaging design for ice cream, Eat Me. The concept behind this package design was to create ridiculous characters that correlates to the name of each ice cream.

Designed by Vozduh Advertising Agency…


Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails

May 10, 2013

Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails gets an update for spring/summer by in house design team at Brown-Forman. “[We wanted to] unite the brand’s signature clack with color, flavor iconography, and refreshment cues to introduce a new consumer to the Jack Daneil’s trademark.”

By bringing in colorful iconography to indicate the flavors,…


Hello Kitty Strawberry Cola Can

May 9, 2013

The ten-year-old in me squealed when I saw this cute Hello Kitty Strawberry Cola can designed for the Latvian market! Love the color palette chosen for the product, which fits the brand’s intention to appeal to adult fans.

Designed by Taevas, Estonia

Approved by Sanrio…


Watch Collector Cases by The Martinator

May 7, 2013

If like us you have an obsession with watches, you will love this. The Martinator is a recent brand by Martin Lim, he customises watch cases out of Pelican laptop cases. At his Facebook store page you can choose from an awesome range of cases for the discerning watch collector,…


Lolita Extra Virgin Olive Oil

May 3, 2013

Lolita is a premium extra virgin olive oil designed by Sidecar. The design is based on the book by Vladimir Nabokov (Lolita), in which a mature teacher falls for a girl of 12 years:

“The design tries to capture that love, through a sober and minimalist symbol. It is an inverted…


Geneva Lake Brewing Co

May 2, 2013

“Do we need more beer? Well, yeah. Especially if it’s really great beer!

That’s what impressed us, Geneva Lake’s attention to detail. Superior ingredients, meticulous brewing conditions yielding unparalleled results. One taste and we knew, this was the real deal.

Geneva Lake founded their family brewery in the heart of big beer…


Juice Rich

May 1, 2013

The challenge was to design the packaging for a limited edition juice Rich, which is a mix of three types of Brazilian oranges. Packaging should inform consumers about the launch of a new flavor and differ it from the main product line in order to attract the attention of consumers.



Briolla Ice Cream

May 1, 2013

This design aims to clearly demonstrate the superior quality of this range of healthier ice creams from Northern Israel. The simplicity and sharpness of the design conveys sophistication while the imagery of ingredients also shows a strong emphasis on taste and pleasure. The use of utensils such as blades is…


Svedka Flavoured 2013

April 30, 2013

Svedka flavoured Swedish vodka packaging for 2013 designed by Established….


Feel Better

April 29, 2013


Sandro Desii Pasta

April 29, 2013

Lo Siento, Barcelona based design agency created brand Identity and design for Sandro Desii’s Italian pasta and ice cream manufacturer packaging.

“The design focuses on creating an identity system that helps both owner and consumer to locate, catalogue and organize the different products of the firm by their number and color….


Black Tar Honey

April 29, 2013

Graphic Designer Cameron Ewing along with his partner Mr.Combover, have been keeping bees on their roof for the last six months. (second designer/bee keeper we found this year. See Gibbs Honey) Their urban Apiarist is the source of the name, ‘Black Tar Honey”. After two harvests and countless stings, the…


Santa Cruz

April 23, 2013

“Santa Cruz is a quick service Mexican BBQ restaurant located in Santa Catarina, a municipality of the greater Monterrey area in northeast Mexico. Santa Cruz’s menu contains food such as brisket and baby-back ribs slow-cooked to tender perfection and offered in an array of different ready-to-go, conventional styles such as…


Onuma Honey

April 19, 2013


Back to Origins Chocolate Collections by Chocolate Naive

April 19, 2013

“In a little town named Giedraičiai by the beautiful lake Kiementas on the Eastern side of Lithuania, Chocolate Naive make their bean-to-bar chocolate. Each and every morning, the chocolate master carefully roasts fresh cacao beans whose delicious aroma gently awakens the residents of the town. Just as they were hundreds…


Made In China Rice

April 19, 2013

Check out this amazing student design for a series of “Made in China” rice. “A design for rice packages inspired by the mass production in China. An “interactive assembly line” consisting of 15 units (rice – packages). Each package has different graphic.” Read more about the process and watch…


Sakiskiu Alus Beer

April 17, 2013

A handcrafted label design project for a tiny microbrewery, SAKISKIU ALUS, which produces a unique beer in Lithuania.

“It was a challenge to create a series of beer labels for the extremely small budget. The idea was to design and produce a kit made of a rubber stamps for each type…



April 17, 2013

“L’oven Fresh is a current brand at Aldi’s that provides customers with a variety of baked goods, including sandwich bread, specialty breads and desert bakery. So what’s the problem? Although the products that L’oven provides Aldi with are of good quality, the brand itself lacks any successful marketing approach that…


Hard Graft Sport iPhone 5 Case

April 11, 2013

If there’s any one reason why our iPhones get more expensive, its because talented companies like Hard Graft keep giving us more and more well-designed accessories to buy. Their new release is a “Sport” iPhone 5 case with its simple elastic band to keep your phone secure and their signature…



April 5, 2013

We are in love with Fogg’s branding collateral which includes thier packaging for the sim card, mailing packages, promotional packaging and other brand assets (t shirts, sweathers, cups, signage, pens, ribbons etc). We love how Bunch Design (UK) has integrated the brand’s visual 3D element and colors into all their…


Before and After – Edna

April 5, 2013

“Project scope: development and brand packaging redesign with the addition of 8 new SKU.

BRAND BENEFIT: The production is made in Romania, thus forming the optimal route from the factory to the final product. Quality is a brand asset.

BRAND MISSION & VALUES: quality, safety, freshness: the most reliable distributor of food…



April 2, 2013

“Even for a simple product as ‘castanha de caju'(a kind of a nut that comes from a brazilian fruit called Caju. It is used for cooking and appetizer), the design appears as a marketing solution.”

All the identity is based on a little story that we create to become product’s manifesto:…


Camus Cognac Cuvée 5.150

March 29, 2013

Camus is celebrating their 150th with their new limited edition Cuvée 5.150. Each are individually numbered and come in a Baccarat crystal decanter, filled with their Cuvée 5.150 which boasts notes of creamy vanilla, fruits, and sweet almonds with a finish of oaky, dried fruit. $13,500, Camus…


Tiger Nuts

March 28, 2013

Design Bridge played with typography and tiger’s stripe for Walker Brand’s new snack for the UK, Tiger Nuts. Walkers is bringing its flavour and quality expertise to the nut category with the launched of this intriguing brand with wonderful typographic illustrations by Chris Mitchell.

“Design Bridge was invited to create…


Tyler Gray Photography – The Creative Grind

March 28, 2013

Red Lion, an ad agency in Toronto created a packaging “Creative Grind” as a promotional piece for photographer, Tyler Gray. Follow the jump to see more!

“To promote Tyler Gray as the go-to photographer for advertising creatives, we sent them premium bags of coffee, photographed by Tyler Gray. Each bag…


New Doritos Global Packaging

March 28, 2013

DORITOS partnered with branding and design firm Hornall Anderson to update its identity and packaging to create global harmonization and unleash the power of the iconic brand.

“Tasked with creating a breakthrough look and feel to activate the DORITOS brand narrative in a highly consumer-relevant way, Hornall Anderson’s UK team…


Pepsi’s New Bottle

March 28, 2013

Pepsi unveils a new single-serve bottle for its Pepsi trademark portfolio, its first packaging update in 16 years. The new bottle will be applied to Pepsi’s trademark brands under its portfolio Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi MAX and Pepsi NEXT.

“This new bottle is the next milestone in Pepsi’s Live For…


New Caribou Coffee Campaign

March 27, 2013

For 2013, Caribou Coffee sought to refocus and evolve its brand presence. The exploration led to a core insight that became a theme for the new campaign: “Life is more than coffee. That’s why there’s coffee.” The theme is an extension of Caribou’s longstanding tagline, “Life is short. Stay awake…


Tickety Brew

March 27, 2013

Briefed by entrepreneurial brewer, Duncan Barton to create the name and packaging for his start up business, Carter Wong Designfirst set to work trying to discover a memorable name that would then lend itself to a graphic treatment when it came to designing the label and overall identity.

“Beginning initially with…

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