“Chalk God” 3D Street Art, Netizens Hail Him as an “Architect”

March 12, 2012

Many photographs of 3D chalk art spread on Sina Weibo [a Chinese microblog service like Twitter], with the talented person who created these artworks being nicknamed “Chalk God” by netizens. One netizen said: “Is he an architect like in ‘Inception‘?” There were even netizens shouting one after another: “This isn’t…

Lytro – New camera lets you focus photos after you shoot

June 23, 2011

A camera that lets you focus after you’ve already taken the photo? And lets you focus anywhere within the image you want? That’s got people talking and, according to its creator, is the start of “a picture revolution….

Dyson’s New Bladeless Fan

June 7, 2010

It’s funny how engineeers will see one thing and designers will see another. Dyson Air Multiplier Video…


The Google Job Experiment

May 14, 2010

Alec Brownstein wanted a job in advertising, so he made pages that showed up as the first result when several big New York creative directors Googled themselves. He got interviews with nearly all of them. Yeah, it’s pretty brilliant. He got a job at Y&R New York by playing…

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