Break ton Neck

November 13, 2011


Diego Stocco – Music From A Dry Cleaner

September 23, 2011

Diego Stocco – Almost everyday, on my way to a local bakery, I walk in front of a dry cleaners. When they have the front door open, I hear a lot of interesting sounds coming from their work equipment. Eventually, the different mechanical and steam sounds sparked something in my…

World In Union 2011 – Hayley Westenra – ITV’s Rugby World Cup Intro (titles)

September 12, 2011

ITV’s one minute intro to their Rugby World Cup coverage in 2011 – World In Union (excerpt) in Maori and English by Hayley Westenra. Introduction (titles) taken from their first programme of the series, the opening ceremony….

We are all Steve Jobs

September 8, 2011

“We are all Steve” Tribute music video to Steve Jobs by several Youtube-Celebrities inspired by Jay-Z’s retirement anthem “What More Can I Say”….

Amazing World’s First – Perfect Music Painting

January 13, 2011

Here’s a beautiful video incorporating music, art and a message….


Nocs NS800 Stainless Steel Earphones

December 6, 2010

Designed to complement the aesthetic of Apple’s designs, Nocs’ line of headphones are sleek, minimalist, and elegantly understated. Their new NS800 ($200) is a design that combines stainless steel, kevlar reinforced cabling, and dual micro armature drivers to deliver big sound in a small package. Link…



August 18, 2010

Dirpy let’s you convert your favorite YouTube Movies into MP3s. Interesting….


August 1, 2010


Nixon Apollo Headphones

July 15, 2010

Nixon is also introducing a new pair of headphones called the Apollo ($70). The new headphones look to have taken a cue from the Walkman headphones of the 80s with its monochromatic coloring and metal headband. As for the headphones you’ll find 30mm drivers with a frequency range of 20-20,000…


Vers Earphones

June 30, 2010

Eco-friendly audio accessory company Vers is bringing out a new collection of earbuds ($50) hand-crafted from American hardwoodds (Cherry/Walnut) and bamboo. Spec-wise the buds feature integrated mic and playback controls, 10mm drivers, and a frequency range of 18-20KHz. Link…

Last 4 One

June 15, 2010

BBoy Zero-Nine of Last 4 One Crew in Korea doing a commercial, Expression’s BeatBoxer is in there and the Song on there (Canon D)….

Kina Grannis

June 14, 2010

The song Valentine featured on Kina’s new album Stairwells….

‘Snake’ By Acid Washed

June 9, 2010

A collaboration between Anthony Burrill, Jack Featherstone and Paul Plowman….


LEGO Playbrick Earphone

June 3, 2010

These LEGO Playbrick Earphones made me laugh. Lovely idea and it brings back good memories of playing with lego when I was younger….

Picture 2

Tube Tape

June 2, 2010

TubeTape allows you to create your own mixed tapes from your favourite youtube videos, I’ve created my playlist (below) by simply adding the URL id at the end of the website. Easy instructions and can be done in seconds!…

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