March 6, 2014

Magnetic Kitchen, a small design studio based in Brooklyn NY have introduced a new like of skate decks. The unique decks are unlike any other, they are made out of top quality 7 ply hard rock maple and are laser engraved with beautiful and distinct designs. The end result is…



January 3, 2014

Swedish professional freeskier and alpine ski racer Jon Olsson is known for is love of outrageous vehicles for getting to the slopes, last year he was driving an awesome camouflage Lamborghini, and previously he drove a powerful Audi R8 Razor GTR. This season he has chosen a more modest vehicle…



December 3, 2013

Designed in Paris, France by JC Desevre, theory11 unveils their latest luxury playing card set, Medallions. The detailed artwork in Medallions is inspired by the Victorian Era and has a tuck case made from a deep brown, premium matte paper that’s covered in gold foil.

$7, theory11 via acquiremag…



November 14, 2013

What better way to celebrate your 40th Anniversary than with a good case of beer. Patagonia is doing just that and they’ve teamed up with the New Belgium Brewing Company on a limited edition lager of their very own. California Route is an organic lager with a citrusy and aromatic…



October 29, 2013

If you’ve already seen the Phonebloks Concept then you know exactly what this is. If not, imagine if you had a phone that was fully upgradeable where you could change out the screen for something with a higher resolution or put in a higher capacity battery and so on and…



October 1, 2013

StartupVitamins, the same guys behind the Motivational Startup Posters, are adding new products to their growing store, the latest addition are some cool motivational mugs that will keep you focused throughout the day. Our pick is this cool matte black mug with an explicit message “Get Shit Done”, a great…

09_19_2013_ Sunfeel_1


September 26, 2013

OTVETDESIGN has created developed a new package design for Sunfeel horticultural canned food.

“What differs vegetables grown in the sunlight from their fellow creatures pined in the stuffy glasshouses? Zest for life! They know what the real not the electric Sun is. Sunfeel™ selects natural fruit and vegetables from the very…



July 5, 2013

Rapha celebrates cycling’s biggest race with a series of prints that celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Tour de France. Featuring works from the likes of Geoff McFetridge, Ultan Coyle, and Yuji Yamada, Rapha commissioned 10 artists who have created works based on each decade from 1903-2013. Each print will…



July 2, 2013

Hypebeast releases The Hypebeast Paper, their latest print publication that launches worldwide starting today. The first issue will revolve around skate culture with a cover story on skateboarding legend, Eric Koston. The issue will also cover product news and music recommendations from Hypebeast’s music site, Hypetrak. Look for the Hypebeast…


Before & After: Mall of America

June 10, 2013

“For it’s 20th anniversary, the Mall of America recently unveiled their new identity in order to reflect their position as a curator of pop-culture. Taking up the challenge in creating the new face of Mall of America is Duffy & Partners, a branding and design agency based in Minneapolis, Minnesota….


Protea Wine Bottle Packaging

May 31, 2013

In a world of cookie-cutter products, Protea is on a mission to make wines that dare to be exotic and beautiful, in every way imaginable. “We’ve broken new ground by offering our uniquely delicious wines in designer-crafted bottles. The inspiration for our brand is the protea (PROH-tee-uh). It’s a flower…


Game of Thrones Characters in the 1980s and 1990s

May 31, 2013

Seeing that there was no new Game of Thrones episode this past weekend due to Memorial Day, we thought we’d help hold you over until this week’s airing with this series of Game of Thrones Characters reimagined from the 1980s and early 1990s.

The Tokyo based graphic designer behind the series,…


Star Wars Brand Wars by Barn Bocock

May 30, 2013

Many artists have tapped the popularity of Star Wars for their collections, but few have impressed us quite like this Brand Wars series from the talented Barn Bococks.

Like us, the New Zealand based illustrator shares a love for the galaxy far, far away, and has decided to merge some of…


Type. A Visual History of Typefaces & Graphic Styles

May 28, 2013

A must have for any designer or font snob, Taschen beautifully chronicles and visualizes over three centuries of typeface design in “Type. A Visual History of Typefaces & Graphic Styles”:
“This book offers a connoisseur’s overview of typeface design, exploring the most elegant fonts from the history of publishing. Taken from…


Retro Star Wars Travel Posters

May 14, 2013

This summer season artist Steve Thomas wants to encourage you to visit one of the many popular destinations throughout the Star Wars universe with his collection of Retro Star Wars Travel Posters.

The Minnesota based illustrator has rolled out a collection of 13 different travel posters, all of which have been…


Star Wars Chinese Warrior Characters

May 14, 2013

While they’re from two different eras, we can’t say the thought of Star Wars characters crossing paths with Chinese Imperial Warriors hasn’t crossed our minds. Apparently we weren’t the only ones with the thought either, as Joseph Chiang created an entire collection of Star Wars Chinese Warrior Characters.

We are always…


Animal Kingdom Playing Cards

May 13, 2013

We are in love with this pack of Theory11 Cards, illustrated by Hatch Design. Animal Kingdom Playing Cards is a collaboration with World Wildlife Fund to bring a special edition deck of cards. $1.00 per deck purchased will be donated to World Wildlife Fund to benefit global conservation efforts.



Concept Super Hero Energy Drinks

May 10, 2013

It’s a bird! It’s plane! No, it’s Super Hero Energy Drinks! Check out this line up of familiar faces in a conceptual design for Super Hero Energy Drinks by Athen based designer, Mike Karolos.

Designed by Mike Karolos, Athens…


Hello Kitty Strawberry Cola Can

May 9, 2013

The ten-year-old in me squealed when I saw this cute Hello Kitty Strawberry Cola can designed for the Latvian market! Love the color palette chosen for the product, which fits the brand’s intention to appeal to adult fans.

Designed by Taevas, Estonia

Approved by Sanrio…


Your DIY Print Shop

May 1, 2013

Thanks to Print Liberation for creating DIY Print Shop….

The Secret of Success in Creative Work [VIDEO]

April 29, 2013

Ira Glass on the Secret of Success in Creative Work….


A Visual Compendium of Cameras

April 25, 2013

The Visual Compendium of Cameras is a meticulously illustrated catalog of 100 landmark cameras, culled from over a century of photographic history. A beauty.


How To Work With Creative People

April 23, 2013

How To Work With Creative People is a growing archive of advice and thoughts on how to best work with creative people. A wonderful project by Amrit Richmond….



April 9, 2013

“Suddenly, the Pantone brand is everywhere. Overuse? Maybe. But, as they say, if you can’t beat ‘em… so, over a few beers, we decided to add to the products on offer. Ladies and gentlemen, for him and for her, we present underpantones (and, of course, pantytones)! If we had our…



April 2, 2013

A fresh take on sushi.

“The client wanted to launch Singapore’s first ever fully customizable sushi store. Being offered a wide selection of fresh ingredients, diners could pick and choose precisely what went into their hand-rolls.”

“We proposed naming the store “Makisan” for one simple reason: the word ‘san’roughly translates as “mister”…


Black Playing Cards by Balance Wu Design

April 2, 2013

Balance Wu Design have created an unconventional deck of cards, a black on black deck of playing cards! The original deck of cards features some cool face card designs and will undoubtedly make your next late night poker session pitch black. The cards feature a clean minimal design and are…


Field Notes “America the Beautiful” Edition

March 29, 2013

Field Notes’ notebooks are just something we can’t get enough of and it doesn’t help that they nail it everytime they release a new edition. Their latest books feature colorful covers inspired by vintage memobooks and road maps from the ’60s printed on heavystock covers and are loaded with hefty…


To Build or Not To Build A Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

March 27, 2013

Building a website can be a long, time consuming and often expensive task. Publishing a Facebook page on the other hand is quick, free and can generally be done by the work experience kid (they’re on Facebook all day anyway right!). Its no surprise then that more people are using…



March 25, 2013

Demetri Martin, This Is a Book


Spacious Space Tent by Field Candy

March 22, 2013

The designers at Field Candy continuously pump out some of the most amazing tent designs, and they have done it once again with their Spacious Space Tent.

Field Candy takes a much different approach to most tent makers, looking to “inject color, creativity and fun into the camping space.” They do…


National Geographic

March 21, 2013

Great concept work and rebranding of National Geographic, with a bit of new DVD and book packaging:

“Branding and identity design is probably one of the most challenging fields in the creative industry. Developing a powerful and dynamic identity is an essential step towards the success of the brand. Moreover, as…


Darioush Darius II

March 21, 2013

Etched bottle packaging design for Darioush Winery….


Motivational Startup Posters

March 14, 2013

StartupVitamins created a series of motivational posters with quotes from serial entrepreneurs and recognized leaders in technology, like Jack Dorsey -founder of Twitter, Steve Jobs – founder of Apple, Larry Page – founder of Google, Jason Goldberg – founder of Fab…and many more. All posters feature a minimal design and…

Sagmeister & Walsh Interview [VIDEO]

March 10, 2013

This interview for gives a look into the work process of renowned designers Stefan Sagmeister & Jessica Walsh….


Pin City Wall Maps

March 7, 2013

Pin City Wall Maps are a contemporary take on the classic push pin maps. Designed by Alessandro Maffioletti and Emanuele Pizzolorusso, the maps are printed on flexible felt panel, and can be used to pin your favorite spots in the city. You can choose from some of the most important…



March 1, 2013

KILLNOISE is a Swedish group developing stylish state-of-the-art earplugs for use in noisy and loud environments. Their earplugs not only lessen noise – they kill it.

Inspired by this very graphic benefit, Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg created a unique mailing, perfectly reflecting the product’s benefit: a box of ammunition.

Handmade in limited numbers…

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