LaCie PetiteKey

November 9, 2012

LaCie shrinks its key-shaped USB key with the new and compact PetiteKey. The keys can be equipped with up to 8, 16, or 32GBs of storage and have scratch-resistant connectors and are waterproof down to 100 meters. $15-$40, LaCie…


Ice and Dry Ice Cases for iPhone 5

November 8, 2012

ice case(transparent) or the dry ice case(frosted)….


Hard Graft iPad Mini Case

November 7, 2012

Always quick to answer the need of Apple’s design-savvy early adopters, Hard Graft releases their first iPad mini case. The case does double duty as both a sleeve and a stand which rolls up and keeps your tablet upright for typing. $TBD, Hard Graft…


Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD Earsuit

November 2, 2012

You better believe Audio-Technica didn’t cut any corners for its latest top of the line headphones. The ATH-ESW11LTD Earsuit uses Japanese Ghost Walnut earcups which house a powerful set of 53mm drivers while plush lambskin earpads deliver that sound in luxury. $800, Audiocubes…


Philips Hue

October 31, 2012

Philips presents a product called HUE. The bulbs let you control your lighting from an iPhone or iPad and personalize settings such as timers, colors, shade and brightness….


Google Nexus 10

October 30, 2012

While its still too soon to call it an iPad-killer, Google’s Nexus 10 definitely stands toe to toe with its competition in Cupertino. The new tablet will offer a beast of a display, a 10-inch 2560-by-1600 to be exact and it has more pixels per inch (300ppi) than the Apple’s…


Google Nexus 4

October 30, 2012

Google’s latest and greatest Nexus phone has arrived with an impressive feature set and a price tag that’s perfect for anyone who needs a reasonably priced unlocked, top of the line Android phone. The new Nexus 4 will feature a 4.7” (320ppi) display, 16-32GBs of storage, 2GBs of RAM, wireless…


Jakob Wagner Studio and Their Awesome Accessories

October 27, 2012

Born in Copenhagen in 1963, Jakob did his first degree in Design-Engineering. After studies and internships in Colorado, Milan and Paris he completed his second degree in Product Design at Art Center Europe, Switzerland in 1992. Established in 1993 in Copenhagen the studio predominantly worked with high tech products for…


New iPads: iPad 4th Gen & iPad Mini

October 24, 2012

Apple continues its tablet dominance with two new iPads: the 4th Generation iPad and the long awaited iPad mini. The 4th Gen iPad ($499) boasts a new A6X processor, Retina display, faster Wi-Fi, and the new Lightning connector. The biggest news of the day will of course be the iPad…

Screen shot 2012-10-23 at 10.04.54

Hul Carlin iPad Case

October 19, 2012

Hul’s Carlin iPad case meets all the criteria for what we think a perfect iPad case is: thin, well-designed, protective, and versatile. The cases are made from Nappa leather with micro-suede lining and an array of magnets help secure the flaps when open or when changing up the viewing angle….


Harman Kardon BT headphones

October 12, 2012

Harman Kardon BT headphones feature an exclusive acoustic system that integrates superb mechanical design, materials and electronics. User-exchangeable bows, self-adjusting housings, soft leather cups and slow-retention ear-cup foam ensure a comfortable fit and an optimal acoustic seal on the ear. The lightweight, comfortable headphones employ AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) and…


Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

October 11, 2012

With phone screens approaching almost tablet-like sizes, its nice to see Samsung deliver something a little less unwieldy with the new Galaxy S3 Mini. The Galaxy Mini has a 4” inch Super AMOLED screen, 1GHz dual-core processor, 5 Megapixel camera, up to 16GBs of storage, and support for the latest…


Kikkerland USB Poodle Hub

October 11, 2012

This USB hub offers a fun way to keep your home, dorm or office space organized. USB 2.0 high-speed port at the end of each one. Windows and Mac compatible.

More info…


B&O Play A9 Speaker

October 6, 2012

Premium sound outfitters Bang & Olufsen are about to release what just might be the biggest AirPlay speaker yet, the A9. And don’t let its friendly design fool you, the A9 is chock full of room shaking sonic power. The speaker features two 3/4” tweeters, two 3” mid-range units, two…


HTC One X+

October 3, 2012

HTC’s flagship Android phone gets a nice little boost in the horsepower department with their new One X+. The new phone packs a 1.7GHz quad-core processor, 4.7” LCD with Gorilla Glass 2, 1GB of RAM, 64GBs of storage, 8MP rear and 1.6MP front-facing cameras, and a 2100mAh for even longer…


A Nice Assortment of Leaked iPad Mini Photos

October 2, 2012

Even though rumour has it that the iPad Mini might be announced on October 17th. It can’t hurt to browse what it will likely look like ahead of time…


Nook HD

September 26, 2012

Barnes & Noble takes on Amazon with some HD tablets of their own, the Nook HD and HD+. Available in a 7” (HD – 243ppi, 1280×800) and 9” (HD+ – 256ppi, 1920×1280), the tablets feature dual-core processors, 10 hours of battery life, 8-16GBs of storage (up to 32 on the…


Bicycle Lane Laser Tail Light

September 21, 2012

As much as we love using our bikes to get from point A to point B, we all know the dangers of riding at night. Many different accessory makers have introduced solutions to help solve this age old problem, and the latest is the Laser Tail Light Bicycle Lane.

This awesome…


Bowers & Wilkins A7

September 20, 2012

Bowers & Wilkins puts another nail in the coffin for the ol’ iPod/iPhone dock with the new A7 Wireless Music System. The audiophile-grade speaker utilizes the brand’s highly-acclaimed Nautilus tweeters, a 6” Kevlar reinforced subwoofer, and five dedicated audiophile Class D amplifiers to wirelessly produce huge sound straight from any…


HTC Windows Phone 8X

September 20, 2012

Sick of all the iPhone 5 news and seeking an alternative to the cult of Cupertino? Well, HTC has a new alternative in the form of a sleek new Windows 8 phone that features a 4.3 inch Gorilla Glass 2 display, Dual Core 1.5GHz processor, 16GBs of storage, an 8…


Hi-Call Bluetooth Talking Glove

September 19, 2012

Yes, you read it right. Hi-Call is a crazy new gadget by Italian company Hi-Fun…a Bluetooth glove that allows you to talk through your hand! The left glove features an integrated speaker sewed into the thumb and a microphone sewed into the pinkie, so you can speak via your phone…


2012 iPods

September 13, 2012

Apple didn’t forget about the ol’ iPod. Today, the company announced a brand new Touch and a completely redesigned iPod nano. The new Touch (from $199) will feature a 4” retina display like the iPhone 5, new brushed metal backs in five colors, Dual-core A5, 5MP camera, Lightning dock connector,…


iPhone 5

September 13, 2012

Apple’s latest worst-kept secret was officially unveiled today as Apple finally introduced the iPhone 5 to the world. The new and thinner iPhone gets a 4” inch screen, A6 Processor, an improved 8 Megapixel camera with a sapphire lens cover, glass and aluminum unibody construction, a new (and reversible) Lightning…


Desktop Chair For iPad and MacBook

September 11, 2012

Hand made with fine natural basswood, Desktop Chair is a stand for MacBook and iPad. It simply holds your Apple laptop and turns it into a desktop machine with an external display, a keyboard and a mouse. ‘Laptop on the go, Desktop at home’. One size fits all. Desktop Chair…


AIAIAI x Carhartt Work In Progress

September 10, 2012

Carhartt’s Work In Progress division releases an exclusive line of headphones with the design savvy Danes over at AIAIAI. Carhartt WIP takes AIAIAI’s over the ear TMA-1 and in-ear Pipes headphones and injects a militaristic and industrial paint scheme that swathes the hardware in a flat grey while the cabling…

Kindle Fire HD

September 8, 2012

Amazon expands upon their Fire Tablet with their new line of Kindle Fire HDs. Available in 8.9″ and 7″ inch sizes, the new tablets feature high res HD displays (1920×1200/1200×800) with anti-glare tech and polarizing filters, dual-core processors, Dolby Stereo sound, and a front-facing HD camera for video calls. $200-$500,…


Kindle Paperwhite

September 8, 2012

Amazon unveils its latest Kindle e-reader flagship, the Kindle Paperwhite. The Paperwhite ups the resolution with 62% more pixels(212 ppi), blacker blacks and whiter whites with its 25% increase in contrast, 2GBs of storage, Wi-Fi, built-in front light and up to eight weeks of battery life. $120-$180, Amazon. Link…


Magisso Teacup

September 7, 2012

Another great, practical way of drinking your tea. The Magisso Teacup cleverly streamlines brewing and drinking hot tea into one task….


Nokia Lumia 920

September 6, 2012

Nokia is betting big on the Windows 8 Phone platform with their new flagship, the Lumia 920. The phone will feature a 4.5” IPS display (glove friendly!), 8.7 megapixel camera w/ Carl Zeiss lens, 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera, 2000mAh battery (10 hours of 3G talktime), Wireless charging, 1.5GHz Dual Core…


Sennheiser Momentum

September 1, 2012

Sennheiser jumps aboard the fashionable headphone bus with their latest headphone, the Momentum. The brand’s dynamic drivers have been matched with a leather handband and earpads from English tannery Pittards which is not only breathable, but also sweat and water resistant. Price $TBD, Sennheiser. Link…


New iphone5 makes iphone 4S and 3GS look Fat

August 31, 2012

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