100% Chocolate Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

July 16, 2012

The ceiling carving mimics a large scaled chocolate candy bar, and the color tones are pretty neutral with the exception of some of the store’s gifts. See more of this decadent space….


Student Work – Anders Drage

July 12, 2012

Designed by Anders Drage | Country: Norway
“I love milk.
But unfortunately milk never tastes the same outside Norway. I needed to make my self a problem I could solve. I wanted to make norwegian milk available outside of Norway, but I love the packaging design of high-end alcohol products. The brand…



July 12, 2012

Designed by Estudio David Cercós | Country: Spain
“The main basis for the Blanc 2011 restyling was simplicity, even bareness; from capsule removal, to the idea of the label itself. Starting from deconstruction and later the fusion of typography. White silk screen printing on a black bottle was emphasizes the…


Designing the Poopoo brand logo

July 7, 2012

So far we have been doing design without any thinking at all. Our work had no purpose and no direction, it just miraculously materialised. Things have changed. Now we also offer STRATEGY (!!!) to our clients. We wear nice clean shirts and talk a lot, using all the latest marketing…


For All Time Champ Blend

June 28, 2012

Richmond, Virginia’s Need Supply continues its line of For All Time collaborations with local roasters, Lamplighter Coffee. The Champ Blend Coffee ($18) features a two part blend consisting of Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate A & Kenya Ruiru Oaklands Estate AA coffees. Both of which are fair trade, small lot,…


Rapha Five Decades

June 20, 2012

Rapha celebrates 50 years since Trade Teams returned to the Tour de France with a selection of riding tees, a cap, and a cycling musette. Each of the tees celebrates five decades and five champions including: Jacques Anquetil, Eddy Mercx, Bernard Hinault, Miguel Indurain, and Lance Armstrong. Link…


Fill This Glass With Guinness, Get a QR Code

May 22, 2012

Can your beer glass do this?
Welcome to the next phase in on-premises beer marketing. Either that, or it’s just a cool thing to look at when you’re hoisting a few.

Either way, this glass, developed by ad agency BBDO in New York, is the most social beer glass we’ve seen. Activate…


Kenton Sorenson Razor Sheath

May 21, 2012

Kenton Sorenson has the perfect accoutrement for those of you who swear by the ol’ safety razor and are all about the details, a protective sheath ($30) crafted from full-grain vegetable-tanned cattle hide. Link…


Oat Works

May 18, 2012

Pearlfisher has created the brand strategy, tone of voice, brand identity and packaging design for Oat Works, a brand new oat based drink from Wellness Works.

Oat Works is the only oat-based drink in the United States that contains PromOat, an innovative, natural, beta glucan ingredient from Sweden that enables the…


BLK – Black Spring Water

May 14, 2012

Now here is something different…Black Spring Water! The BLK water is not only different it is healthy, it is infused with fulvic trace minerals, these minerals play a critical role in the growth of plant life, assisting in the transport and absorption of nutrients inside the plant cell. Once the…


Darkroom Leather Notebooks

May 12, 2012

Beautiful notebooks from Darkroom of London. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, the books come wrapped in 100% recycled leather with black string binding and each come with packed 100 unlined pages. Link…


Mont Blanc Johannes Brahms Special Edition

May 11, 2012

Mont Blanc honors the musical genius of Johannes Brahms with one of their most beautiful pens yet. Constructed from the company’s trademark black resin, the pen is fitted with platinum-plated accents and features details such as a clip in the shape of a tuning fork and a five line musical…


Buckshot Sonny’s Official League Ball by Huntington Baseball Co.

May 8, 2012

We think its time you take a break from searching for all the golden eggs in Angry Birds and reintroduce yourself to the fun that is simply throwing a ball around. Buckshot Sonny’s brings us all back to simpler times with their Official League by Huntington Baseball Co. The balls…


The Dalmore Constellation Collection

May 7, 2012

The Dalmore has announced the release of its Constellation Collection, a line of some of the world’s finest and rarest single malts which were created at their Highland distillery between 1964 and 1992. Prices will range from $3,200 for a ’94 Vintage all the way up to $32,000 for a…


Big Big Pixel

April 26, 2012

Big Big Pixel makes 8-bit Pixel iphone bumpers and ipad cases. Made me smile….

Coca-Cola Hug Machine

April 19, 2012

The Coca-Cola Hug Machine takes hugs instead of money. Because vending machines have feelings too. #mademesmile…


Moleskine SMS

April 18, 2012

Moleskine celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the text message with their very own short messaging system: The Moleskine Shooting Message System. The book comes with pages of short messages to use as ammo which turns the signature Moleskine band into a makeshift slingshot to deliver your notes. Link…


Just In Case

April 13, 2012

End-of-the-world survival kit, crafted and designed in Mexico by MENOSUNOCEROUNO.

“If the world ends this year, we better be happily ready. Expecting a beautiful chaos, MENOSUNOCEROUNO created JUST IN CASE ®, the perfect brand for the end of times. A brand that covers all your basic apocalyptic needs. Our survival…


Baxter of California Deodorant

April 13, 2012

Baxter of California just released what might just be the prettiest looking deodorant ($18) on the block and, of course, it smells good too. The deodorant is scented with a citrus and herbal musk blend that will surely keep the stink off of you and for you worrywarts the sensitive…


Moustache Bandages

April 12, 2012

Definitely a great conversation starter, the otherwise standard latex-free adhesive bandage features your choice of four different mustache styles. Check out more photos of these Mustache Bandages here!…


Tanner Goods x Maak Soap Lab

April 4, 2012

Portland’s Tanner Goods and Maak Soap Lab have captured the natural scents of their hometown with two new scents of small batch, all natural handmade soaps ($9) using ingredients straight from the Oregon outdoors. Link…


Daniel Ting Chong x Dear Me Brasserie

April 3, 2012

Dear Me is a all-day brasserie and deli in Cape Town, South Africa. It was a project i started whilst at The President Design Studio. I was asked to develop a brand identity and various design collateral. I came up with name ‘Dear Me’ to give a sense of self…



April 2, 2012


Master-piece “Sensible” Wallets

April 2, 2012

Japanese cult-favorite Master-piece wraps their trademark functionality around some classic wallet designs for their new “Sensible” lineup. Using vegetable-tanned horse leather from Poland, the wallets have pockets and slots for just about everything you need to carry. Link…



March 29, 2012

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