Nongfu Spring’s Matcha & Black Milk Tea

February 21, 2014

Nongfu Spring sought new packaging for two new products, a black tea with milk and a premium type of matcha tea. Enter mousegraphics, who developed a new advertising concept with their new packaging. The Athens, Greece-based studio created a clear and strong product identity that targeted the lifestyle of Matcha…


Before & After: Stock Market Soup Shop

February 19, 2014

Stock Market Soup Shop on Granville Island was acquired by new owners with a vision to not only carry on the tradition of delicious soup but to expand its’ customer based and reach. Arithmetic Creative was brought on board to re-brand and reposition the Public Market staple. While the soup…


Monday Movie Club Popcorn Boxes

February 19, 2014

Inspired by billing block typography, Distil Studio created the copy-driven visual identity to tell the full story of The Monday Movie Club, which offers exclusive monthly film previews in London’s most luxurious private screening room. As part of a set of printed and on-screen applications, this range of four popcorn…



February 12, 2014

When the client went to PAGÀ DISSENY, the brief they received was

“I want to call it ur, and don’t ask me why.

I want that it doesn’t mean nothing. If someone asks me, so it will be: ‘What does ur mean?’

‘Nothing. It doesn’t mean anything … Well, Ur was a mesopotamian…



February 7, 2014

Designed by Anagrama, Xoclad is a high-end pastry and confectionery shop located in the Mayan Riviera. In a place bustling with tourist activity, Xoclad needed to communicate the area’s strong Mayan culture in a classy way that could never be called cliché or tacky.

“First, we gave its name a…



January 22, 2014

Four designers were tasked in developing the packaging for Mari. Mari is a new In-Drink made from Riesling white wine, Elderflower and naturally stimulating Mate.

“The Lama is a perfect mascot for our drink, since it comes like the Mate from South America, it’s a curious and social animal and in…


Nutty Bunny

January 15, 2014

Nutty Bunny is a hand-crafted frozen dessert with a very unique and beautiful design. Executed by Sophia Georgopoulou Design, the hand written whimsical logo with the hand drawn bunny and overall package design really gives this product the hand crafted feel, reflecting what the product represents.

“Nutty Bunny is a…


Saks 5th Ave’s LOOK campaign by Pentagram

January 15, 2014

“One of fashion’s most gratifying thrills is finding new and unexpected pieces and putting them together to make a fresh look. The Fall 2013 campaign for Saks Fifth Avenue showcases the luxury retailer as the ultimate place for fashion discovery. Designed by Pentagram’s Michael Bierut and team, the campaign uses…


FRIMAS – Apple Sweet Wine

January 14, 2014

Caserne created this elegant brand identity & packaging design for the new product of La Face Cachée de la Pomme. We love the idea of using thin jagged lines in the design to represent the frost that creeps up on the side of a surface., which fits the naming…


Wicked and Wonderful Chocolate

January 13, 2014

Shed Brand Innovation “wrangled the self-control out of chocolate lovers world wide” as they tempted people to explore the Wicked & Wonderful wide of life with their new premium hand crafted chocolate of both persuasions.

To celebrate the launch of this new chocolate brand, 100 Limited Edition gift boxes…



October 2, 2013

Absolut launches Originality, a unique take on their iconic bottle that adds a bold hit of cobalt blue to their crystal clear glass. To create the bottles, Absolut placed a drop of cobalt in the glass at more than 2000 degrees fahrenheit which then cools down to reveal a bright…



September 30, 2013

TenOverSix is a Los Angeles boutique offering a curated selection of high-concept designer fashion, accessories and lifestyle goods. As the boutique evolved and opened a second location in Dallas, Texas, TenOverSix requested that RoAndCo refresh all facets of the existing brand collateral—from shopping bags and notecards to garment bags and…



September 27, 2013

Casa Rex, the multi-awarded international design consultancy with offices in São Paulo and London, developed identity and packaging for Anto’, a traditional Italian brand of preserved ingredients. The elegant logotype and illustrations elevate some of the simplest food items into wonderful display of artistry on the a market shelf.


09_19_2013_ Sunfeel_1


September 26, 2013

OTVETDESIGN has created developed a new package design for Sunfeel horticultural canned food.

“What differs vegetables grown in the sunlight from their fellow creatures pined in the stuffy glasshouses? Zest for life! They know what the real not the electric Sun is. Sunfeel™ selects natural fruit and vegetables from the very…



September 26, 2013

There are some products that have revolutionized the perception of men’s products, Harry’s “The Truman” & The Winston” sets are definitely one of them.

“Like most of you, we’ve long had to choose between over-priced, over-marketed razors that disrespect your intelligence, and low quality, cheap razors that disrespect your face….

09_21_2013_ WilliamsSonomaCheeseSet_1

Williams-Sonoma Cheese Trays, Bags & Sticker Set

September 25, 2013

This is the best thing to happen to any cheese lover! Williams-Sonoma has designed the perfect way to store and save your cheese. The design of the wax paper, wooden box and label bring simplicity and ingenuity together. The packaging also brings both my loves in one – package design…


California Square

September 24, 2013

Stranger & Stranger redefines the wine bottle with California Square, a line of beautifully designed square bottles of California Wines.

“Square bottles take up less space but you never see them on the wine shelves. If the wine industry turned over to square instead of round bottles we’d save almost…


‘N’ Sake by Nakata Hidetoshi

September 24, 2013

“Nakata Hidetoshi, or more commonly just Hide, is Japan’s most famous soccer player. Aside from his legs, which carried him from the Japanese league to the Italian and then the English league, his chiseled good looks have also boosted his popularity, landing him in the pages of Vogue and in…


Hagiwara Butcher

September 23, 2013

Hagiwara Butcher has been in business since 1947, in the ancient capital city of Kamakura. When the shop was refurbished due to the age of the building, the logo and packaging were newly created, to symbolize the history of the store.

“Hagiwara Butcher is a family butchery business that has…


Dove’s Pure Care Dry Oil For Hair

September 11, 2013

JDO Brand Design & Innovation has been working with Unilever to expand the Dove hair care portfolio to include a new range of premium oil treatments.

The new oil range comprises two variants; a rejuvenating treatment with Anatolian Pomegranate seed oil for age depleted hair and a nourishing treatment with African…



September 11, 2013

Corkcicle came to Push with the desire to introduce the world to a revolutionary product that would chill wine from the inside, rather than relying on the ice-bucket method that often leaves wine too cold. Though the product idea was already in place, Corkcicle was in need of branding and…


IndHED Premium Craft Beer

September 9, 2013

With the first look at Industria’s design for IndHED Premium Craft Beer, I could not help but drool in amazement. The lovely hand-illustrated typography that matches so perfectly with brown tune of the bottle just makes you think how wonderful the beer will taste.

Designed by Industria, Denver, Colorado &…


The Iron Society

September 4, 2013

Classic, rugged and modern is how I see The Iron Society. These classic men grooming products are designed to have a rugged feel yet everything still has a modern touch for that man looking to be well groomed.

“The Iron Society, is a private men’s barbershop focuses on the clean…



September 2, 2013

Smart Lids System was created to heighten awareness and help minimise the chance of burns and spillages of hot drinks. “Smart Lids turn bright red with heat and change back to the dark color as your drink cools. A visual indicator that your drink may be hot. Approved for direct…


Natura Sou

August 28, 2013

I am fond lover of all health, beauty and cosmetic packaging and this product Natura Sou originating from Brazil does not disappoint! The entire concept and execution is beautifully designed with an innovative and unique approach while being conscious of the environment. They have designed this incredible pouch packaging for…



August 20, 2013

Our definition of sweet changes over time, but our appetite for sweet endures. Recently launched in Argentina to a spectacular reception, new Coca-Cola Life® offers an all-natural, low-calorie cola beverage to those who crave something better.

Following in the good company of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero, the identity and…


Sweet Cream Suds

August 19, 2013

“The owner of this homemade goat soap company came to Design Maeven looking to rebrand her packaging. This was timed to coincide with the opening of her first storefront, a 100-year-old building in the town square of Crowell, Texas.

Our concept was to capture an old-town general store feel using a…


Coven Vodka

August 19, 2013

“Cloaked in the heavy mists of the West Coast, a timeless rite enchants those who seek a greater spirit. Initiation requires strict dedication to the craft. There is power in numbers, so gather together because when the light fades, the ritual begins.” Hired Guns Creative provided the product naming, branding,…


Yollibox Frozen Yogurt

August 19, 2013

“Yollibox is introducing frozen yoghurt for the Swedish market – made of only natural ingredients it’s fresh alternative to ice cream and sorbet” Yollibox comes in a unique package, half way between a box and a traditional pint (if you ask me, it also resemblance a chinese ‘take out’…



August 18, 2013

El Monocromo, created a visual identity and packaging for the colombian bespoke jackets and coats brand, Too Cool For School. A service design that establishes different stages in order to build tailored jackets that suit and fit perfectly. The brand explores what it is for a man to dress today.




August 18, 2013

In this project the idea was to showcase maps in an exciting and minimal way. Beth Sicheneder, University of Wisconsin – Stout successfully done so in her Native Focus Map project! Her map designs are for the world traveler wanting to explore a different side of traveling that is not…



August 14, 2013

Marios Karystios, a designer in Greece, created a classic design for Terrior’s collection.

“Alexandra Manousakis left the U.S. back in 2007 to manage her family winery in the island of Crete. Her admiration for Crete, a magical place, rich in history and natural beauty, made her conceive a selection of local…



August 14, 2013

Global Design Studio, Mucho was invited to generate a new brand identity that could retain the tradition and elegance of cocktail making, whilst reflecting the new method. “MidNight drinks is proposing a unique idea for cocktail consumption. Using a simple system involving a backing box with cocktail mixes and a…


Fernwood Coffee

August 13, 2013

Vacouver based design studio, Glasfurd & Walker created brand and package design for Fernwood Coffee Company that reflects the same philosophy that is used when sourcing the right product for their stores.

Brand elements created are as simple and bold as a standard shot of espresso (both of which, are more…


Black Vodka

August 13, 2013

“Remember when we_______out of control and ______ended up with two_______. Lights off, but the_____weekend.” Anti & Grandpeople, together with Arcus found out a way for you to remember everything when you mixed your weekend with, well, Vodka. Anti & Grandpeople created the concept, idea, graphic design, and product design. The…



August 12, 2013

Hired Guns Creative provided the product naming, branding, and packaging design for The Empiric, a gin from Arbutus Distillery, Vancouver Island’s newest craft distillery.

“Cloaked in midnight black, ever-present, seldom seen, The Empiric resides amid the twisted cedars of temperate West Coast rain forests. Ruled by ritual, The Empiric gathers…

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