UBC Coren Bike

September 22, 2012

UBC Coren Bike design

UBC GmbH is a German company that produce carbon fibre components for automotive brands such as Audi and Porsche, they latest work has nothing to do with cars though, the “Coren” is an outstanding urban bike. The frame of the Coren is made of very high tensile strength T1000 carbon fibers which are otherwise used almost solely in Formula 1 monocoques. The bike was designed by Christian Zanzotti and features an innovative super-slim frame with top and down tubes, giving the Coren a unique visual lightness, in fact the bike only wieghs 7,700 grams. The Coren can be purchased from the end of 2012 and will be available either as a Singlespeed, Pedelec or Fixie.


UBC Coren Bike designUBC Coren Bike designUBC Coren Bike designUBC Coren Bike design

UBC Coren Bike design

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