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مركز تحميل الصور

 مركز تحميل الصور

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مركز تحميل الصور


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Real Life Flying Star Wars Speeder Bike

August 24, 2012

Real Life Flying Star Wars Speeder Bike design

Star Wars fans rejoice as the Speeder Bike from iconic saga has finally made its way to real life thanks to the team at Aerofex in Manhattan Beach, California.


Lead by Aerospace engineer and Aerofex founder Mark De Roche, the team created a speeder bike that can be driven by any normal person without any training what so ever. Working off of powerful fans, the human pilot simply needs to control the vehicle in an instinctive manner, in the same way one would control a bike with leaning and balancing motions. The bike was tested in the Mojave Desert, where it clocked speeds of up 30 miles per hour, and reached heights of 15 feet. The military will get their hands on the technology before we ever do, but it’s certainly an incredible breakthrough.


Check out the actual video footage of the Speeder Bike below.


Real Life Flying Star Wars Speeder Bike design

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