Rayavadee Resort in Thailand

April 30, 2012

Rayavadee Resort is an exclusive, luxury five-star resort on the tropical peninsula of PhraNang in the spectacular and peaceful Marine National Park of Krabi, Thailand. The resort is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, it nestles discreetly amidst tropical gardens and coconut groves against a back of sheer cliffs, lush jungle…


Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand

April 30, 2012

This is a great solution for storing your bikes at home, the Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand is an ingenious wall rack that leans against the wall with no attachment required, that means you don´t have to put holes in your wall! All you need to do is lean it…


Skyline GTR Sharpie Art

April 30, 2012

Check out AWESOMOBILE for a complete photoshoot detailing the entire creation process from start to finish of the Skyline GTR Sharpie Art car….


Modular Forms in Paper by Richard Sweeney

April 29, 2012

These are the elaborate paper sculptures of Richard Sweeney. All of his objects are part of an ongoing process of exploration. “This involves investigating the medium itself and the methods by which it can be manipulated….


GVAL chair – Stores two ottomans inside itself

April 29, 2012

Chair of Gustavo GVAL Reboredo, Louis Sicard & Nenad Katic designed. A word from the creator: “The shape and texture of the plywood seat back is a pattern of growth rings, which represent in a way that is inspired by the memory tree: each ring usually marks a year in…


Suitcase Converted Boombox by Mr. Simo

April 29, 2012

Mr. Simo takes high quality speakers and audio components, and builds them into vintage suitcases to create the ultimate self powered portable stereo system. Check out more photos of the incredible Boomcase by Mr. Simo here!…


Giorgio Armani’s Yacht

April 28, 2012

So what kind of toys do people have when their net worth is estimated to be in excess of 5 billion? This is Giorgio Armani’s yacht, nicknamed Main….


Nike CEO Mark Parker’s Office

April 28, 2012

You can imagine that after 30 years with Nike, you are sure to own quite a collection of fresh goods, and CEO Mark Parker does not disappoint….


Portrait Made With 750 Pairs of Socks

April 28, 2012

Red Hong made this cool portrait using 750 pairs of socks, held together with pins and bamboo sticks….


Dreams Magnetic Message Board

April 27, 2012

Magnetic Cloud Message Board


Laser Cut Seaweed

April 27, 2012

Laser Cut Seaweed Sushi. Stunning, right?


Grid Wall

April 27, 2012


Happiness for your Walls

April 27, 2012

These wall decals by Shanna Murray will bring happiness to your walls….


Copenhagen Parts Magnetic Bike Light

April 27, 2012

Copenhagen Parts’ Magnetic Bike Light is an absolute necessity for anyone who rides at night. Simple in design and function, the battery-powered LED lights activate when attached to your frame and shut off when removed. The lights will be available this Fall in machined aluminum or with a silicon rubber…


Nava Design Bellows

April 27, 2012

Designed by Benjamin Hubert, Nava’s new Bellows collection is a versatile line of bags that are perfect for lugging a laptop and accessories and when you need to carry more stuff the bag’s pleated design allows it to expand for more storage. Link…


Louis Poulsen Silverback

April 27, 2012

Kibisi, the design team that brought you AIAIAI headphones, have teamed up with Louis Poulsen to create Silverback, a sleek, unobtrusive lighting fixture that illuminates a wall or ceiling with soft halo of light. Link…


MB&F Thunderbolt RT

April 27, 2012

The horological sculpture that is the MB&F Thunderbolt receives the limited edition treatment with a new housing that combines titanium and red gold. MB&F weren’t messing around when they built the “RT” edition, the company crafted their cases from eight 3lb+ ingots to create 18 examples of their highly complex…


Megalopolis: Shanghai by Martin Stavars

April 26, 2012

Martin Stavars was born in 1981 in Czestochowa, Poland. He studied economics, computer science and photography, ultimately focusing on the latter. He specializes in black and white cityscapes, landscapes and night photography. He and his camera have visited more than 20 countries, with Asia holding the key spot with the…


Pantone Tootbrushes

April 26, 2012

Pantone Toothbrushes.


Big Big Pixel

April 26, 2012

Big Big Pixel makes 8-bit Pixel iphone bumpers and ipad cases. Made me smile….


Bamboo AeroPad Speakers for Apple Mobile Devices

April 26, 2012

This contemporary device taps the popularity of bamboo, ensuring that the device never sacrifices form for function, and works with the iPod,iPod Touch, iPhone, and even the iPad. (View more photos HERE!)…

“What’s cookin?” – if food raps

April 25, 2012

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