March 23, 2012

UnderPressure design

Designed by Remko van Buren | Country: The Netherlands



“The unique feature in this design is that we succeeded in “twisting” the cardboard
in such a way that it gives extra strength to the box. This double curvature is a
unique quality of flexible two dimensional materials. The main design focus was
to “freeze” this under pressure shape by simply locking the bottom and top of the
box. In the entire design process we constantly kept in mind that the product
should be suitable for mass production. To reach this goal we had to build up the
hexagonal tube out of four parallelograms and four triangles.”



UnderPressure designUnderPressure design

“The box is made out of 100% recycled cardboard. The design is successfully tested for
mass production. (printing, punching and bonding).


This hexagonal tube leaves the factory as a ready to “pop-out” flat pack. It is designed
with an auto lock bottom for maximum security when it comes to holding capacity.
The top has a rosette closure.”


UnderPressure design


UnderPressure design

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