Woodpecker Notebook

March 3, 2012

Feeling like trees had lost their identity somewhere along the way to being paper, Tale Co., Ltd., decided to bring back the look of trees since paper, is in fact, made from trees. Their Woodpecker notebooks come in five tree versions and feature textured bark covers that have a wooden…


Wider 42 Transformer Boat

March 3, 2012

Wider 42 by Wider yachts features a system for expanding the deck by pushing of a button on the panel. The process of expanding the useful area of the deck takes only 12 seconds and gives the deck 18 square meters with a width of 6.6 meters. While offering more…



March 3, 2012

Here’s an iPhone accessory you didn’t know you needed, well you probably don’t really need it, but its highly likely you’re going to want one. The CalypsoPad ($46) is a leather bed for your iPhone that gives your phone a scratch-free place to rest and with the cord strap you…


Bell & Ross BR 01 Horizon

March 3, 2012

Bell & Ross previews their latest “novelty” watch which is designed after the horizon gauge found on an aircraft instrument panel. The result to us is a beautifully executed design that resembles something that’s more along the lines of a minimalist art watch. Link…


Grace Hotel Breathtaking Luxury Boutique Hotel in Santorini Greece

March 2, 2012

Grace Santorini is an exclusive boutique hotel and a member of the award winning Grace Hotels Group. The hotel is included in Tatlers 2011 list of the 101 Best Hotels in the World. Located in the beautiful setting of Imerovigli in the northwest of the island, high above the Caldera,…


Finally, You Can Buy That Awesome Folding UK Plug We’ve All Been Waiting For

March 2, 2012

The electrical plug we have here in Britain is a bit of a beast. Yes it’s pretty safe, but does it have to be so freaking big? No it doesn’t, as proved by this concept design from back in 2009. Three years on, that concept has actually made it into…


Tiny Apartment Is Made With 25,000 Ping-Pong Balls

March 2, 2012

Daniel Arsham’s apartment in Brooklyn is the only pint-sized place we’ve ever wanted to live in. It’s a mere 90 square feet — that’s about big enough to fit a toothbrush — but the decor’s so sleek and minimal, we’d trade in our own sardine can in a heartbeat.

The apartment’s…


Grand Leather Bean bag by Restoration Hardware

March 2, 2012

This is one of those essential items for any living room, the Grand leather bean bag chair by Restoration Hardware. This cool, retro beanbag is just about as comfortable as it gets, offering sink-in comfort and portable repose. Perfect to fall into after a long day’s work. Available in a…


Remembrance Coffee Table by Mitch Steinmetz

March 2, 2012

Very cool table, who better to describe it than it´s designer Mitch Steinmetz: The coffee table is the center of any living room: a place for conversation, gathering, and storage. The photo album preserves memories, giving life to past events and emotions. Remembrance combines the social interaction of family gatherings…


Obol Bowl – Never Eat Soggy Cereal Again

March 2, 2012

With Obol you can take your time eating your cereals, you will never eat soggy cereals again. This is one of those “i wish i had that idea” inventions, the Obol separates your cereals from your milk so you can mix them gradually as you eat. Obol can be used…


Canon 5D Mark III

March 2, 2012

The giant of DSLR videography hopes to continue its reign with the introduction of the Canon 5D Mark III ($3,500). The full-frame, 22.3 megapixel camera will feature a 61-point Auto Focus system, 6 fps continuous shooting speed, and improved video with 1080p 24p/25p/30p HD recording modes. Link…


Portable Wooden Picnic Table with Storage Case

March 2, 2012

We all love a good picnic, but sometimes it´s not very practical to sit on the floor to eat, that´s why the “Portable picnic table” was invented. You can now carry arround a table and four chairs in a suitcase smaller than a guitar case. In addition to beeing portable,…


Megaphone Amplifier for iPhone by EN&IS

March 2, 2012

MegaPhone Satellite 2011 was designed for the iPhone and is perfect for listening to music and for audio conference. The passive Amplifier is made of ceramic and comes with a wooden frame allowing it to “float” above the table, this increases the vibration and optimizes the emission of sound. The…


Time Gets More Linear

March 2, 2012

The Lineær (sic) clock is like any standard wall clock except behind the minimalist facade is bevy of parts filled with symbolism. The time is written on a a rotating scroll. That represents that time is in perpetuity. The fixed hand symbolizes the present. There’s nothing fancy about it. No…


Rising Table

March 2, 2012

From one of my favorite designers, Robert van Embricqs, the Rising Table is the latest in a series of sculptural furniture elements that are not only functionally genius but also aesthetically fascinating. Like the rest of the Rising Series, the table utilizes a unique slat-folding technique to transform from a…


Gravity Balans Chair

March 2, 2012

The Gravity Balans chair was designed by Peter Opsvik for Varier Furniture. Has the name suggests, you can float free of gravity and experience the ultimate power nap. Fully reclined, the Gravity balans elevates your legs above your heart, and rocks gently to the rhythm of your breathing, so you…


Flux Chair

March 2, 2012

This is the award winning Flux Chair, it was designed by Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten of Holland. It is a unique chair that transforms from a flat package with a handle into a design chair and back again. The chair can be easily transported and stored, it can be…


Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa Limited Edition by Zagato

March 2, 2012

More or less a year ago, Zagato studio had revealed images of the Alfa Romeo Zagato Corsa TZ3, now they have announced the model will be produced in a very limited edition. It is estimated that the sportscar will include a brutal 8.4-liter V10 engine with 608 horsepower. The Zagato…


Elliot Wallet by Forrestbound

March 2, 2012

We love a clean, simple, functional design… a wallet can´t get any simpler than the Elliot Wallet, just one piece of durable, oil-tanned leather with a simple brass stud rivet. It easily fits all your cards & money needed for every day use. Measures approximately 4in wide, 3.25in tall. Available…


Make Your Walls Come Alive

March 1, 2012

Whether you’re looking for a simple, minimal solution for a place to hang your coat or keys, or if you just have a knack for fantasy, you’ll appreciate this clever wall ornament by Jeong Hwa Jin. Leaf brings vitality to dull walls by covering unsightly nails and providing a unique…


Windcheetah Hypersport Tricycle

March 1, 2012

The new Windcheetah, is a high-performance carbon fiber tricycle, that can be adapted for three specific uses, it comes with three different chassis and accessory pack options: touring, leisure, or sport. Other standard features on the HyperSport include titanium front and rear axles with titanium, aluminium and stainless fasteners used…


Casa Corten by Marcio Kogan

March 1, 2012

We bring you another stunning piece of architecture by revolutionary Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan. We have shown you the amazing Paraty house, now we show you “Casa Corten” located in São Paulo, Brazil. The house gets it´s name from it´s facade made of Corten weathering steel, giving it a stable…


Ashland East Indian Rosewood Sunglasses by Shwood

March 1, 2012

Shwood eyewear is a Portland, Oregon, based brand, their latest style is an aviator-inspired silhouette that pays homage to classic utilitarian design. The Ashland comes in East Indian Rosewood( considered by many to be one of the world’s most beautiful lumbers) and features premium Carl Zeiss premium mirrored lenses for…


Urban Quiver Camera Bag

March 1, 2012

The Urban Quiver is original and something different from the typical bulky(nerdy) camera bag. It has a tubular shape allowing the camera gear to be held more efficiently,if you think about it, camera gear is long and shaped like this bag. The shape of the bag makes it easy to…


Stunning New York Loft by UNStudio

March 1, 2012

The unique Collector´s Loft is a 5,840-square-foot apartment that explores the interaction between a gallery and living space, it´s located in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City. The renovation project was lead by Amesterdam based architects UNStudio, the main feature are the walls in the loft that flow through the…


500EFI Kingcobra by Cectek

March 1, 2012

Cectek ATV´s combine the highest comfort and safety of modern design. The Kingcobra comes equiped with a highly advanced and extremely efficient high-tech engine, it features a low center of gravity, powerful and reliable liquid-cooled 500cc engine with electronic fuel injection. It has a 4×4 wheel drive with front and…


Stealth Hoodie by TAD

March 1, 2012

Stealth Hoodie has become widely recognized among military and outdoor users for its proven performance under rugged field use. For nearly a decade, TAD (triple Aught Design) have continually evolved the Stealth softshell platform to meet real-world demands. The textile composition has achieved an ideal balance of weather resistance, durability…


Dominican Republic Residence by A-cero Architects

March 1, 2012

Located in a dream location, more precisely in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic this project was designed by Spanish architect Joaquin Torres of the studio A-cero. The result is a stunning harmony between the idyllic landscape, and the simple and bright materials used both inside, and outside….

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