Tapi – Tap Squeeze Drink Fountain

March 8, 2012

Tapi, manufactured by Australians Dreamfarm, transforms your ordinary tap water into a fun fountain without disturbing the normal flow of water! Simply press the base of the Tapi to cause water to rise. Those who have children should know how hard it is to make them brush their teeth without…


Road Popper

March 8, 2012

How cool is this! A bike mounted bottle opener! It was designed to fasten on the underside of the saddle, it looks very discreet so your bike keeps looking crisp. It is available in either bronze or gold….


Lager Bike by Sebikes

March 8, 2012

We were recently told about Sebikes, we had a look at their website and the single speed “Lager Bike” caught our eye. We loved the minimalist feel of the white model. The stylish bike comes with high profile double wall rims wrapped in 28C Vittoria/Randonneur tires and a seat with…


Space Bar by Quirky

March 8, 2012

Another very smart invention by Quirky, “The space Bar” is a simple, elegantly-designed desk accessory that minimizes clutter while providing additional USB ports for your computer….


Belvedere Ginza Helmet by Ruby Helmets

March 8, 2012

Inspired by Steve McQueen, science fiction and the great tradition of French luxury, Jerome Coste created Ruby Helmets. We have featured ruby helmets here before, and now feature this awesome model. It´s of carbon fiber, has a padded interior with burgundy lined lambskin, metal emblem and has a screen covering…


Slammer Bagger Custom Honda VT 1300

March 8, 2012

The research and development departments of North American Honda unveiled three concept bikes that show that the VT 1300 range can be used as a basis for Americans to create new custom bikes. The “Slammer” (featured here) is sleek and incorporates a fully adjustable suspension, plus navigation system NAV/Multimedia sound…


Camera Armor

March 8, 2012

We all know what happens when you your expensive camera, if your get lucky, just a dent. With these rugged, lightweight skins by “Camera Armor” you can relax when working on a radical shoot. You can choose from various covers to match your camera model. The silicone skin is molded…

KONY 2012

March 8, 2012


Tree Dining Pod – Soneva Kiri Resort in Thailand

March 8, 2012

Soneva Kiri by Six Senses is a “six star” eco-resort located in Koh Kood, an island almost inhabited in Thailand. This dream location offers a 29 Villa Resort and several private residences, but the main atraction has to be the 16ft suspended tree dining pod, Soneva Kiri’s exclusive eating experience….


Grace Urban E-Bike

March 8, 2012

Grace is the world´s first street legal E-motorbike, it features a 500 to 1300 watts of power and reaches speeds of 45km/h, it is built with lothium-ion technology incased in a watertight and ultralight CNC-aluminium frame. It is custom built and handmade in Berlin Germany, you can choose from 3…


Filmore Jacket

March 8, 2012

Filmore Jacket is a cool casual wool blend jacket with zip front closure. It features a large flap pocket on the front with snap closure. It also has a flap and side welt pocket on the chest, it´s ribbed at collar and wrists. A very warm coat with thinsulate lining….


Scomber Mix Table by Hoerboard

March 8, 2012

The “Scomber Mix Table” is a stunning workstation for dj´s, it consists of two units and is available in several glossy or matt colours. To mantain the minimal feel, all power cables are hidden in the corpus, all connections are also hidden underneath the desk. It comes with two audio…


Wall Street Dog Trench Coat

March 8, 2012

How cool will you dog look with one of these? The “Wall Street Dog Trench Coat” is made of wool blend with black and grey herringbone tweed, has a sparkle of silver metallic and is detailed with a trench coat style belt and belt loops. A secure D-Ring is placed…


Camera and Laptop Messenger Bag by ONA Bags

March 8, 2012

We´ve had enough of those boxy type camera bags, this is a cool stylish alternative by ONA bags. The “Union Street” is a messenger bag capable of carrying your laptop and camera acessories. It is made of cotton and handcrafted with premium waxwear enhancing its strength and durability. It carrys…


Cyclone Bicycle by Vanhulsteijn

March 8, 2012

The Cyclone is definetely a head-turning bike, designed for fast, comfortable rides. The main feature has to be it´s atypical frame leaving the saddle almost floating. All bikes are handcrafted out of stainless steel and are made to order corresponding to your measurements like inside leg and height….


Stunning Rental Villa in South Africa

March 8, 2012

Designed by Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA), this villa named “First Crescent” is a stunning minimalist home commanding a 270 degree view of Lions Head, Campus Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The living spaces are highly transparent to take full advantage of the views. This breathtaking villa can be…


Vintage Leather Guitar Case

March 8, 2012

The “Arizona Arena Guitar Case” looks straight out of a western movie. This cool case is 100% Full Grain Leather and Hand sewn with marine grade threading, it features 1″ of high density foam padding and a strap that can be used as a backpack or shoulder strap….


The Water Cube Gets Happy Magic

March 8, 2012

You may remember the Water Cube as the venue for the swimming events 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. The exterior of “The Cube,” with its translucent walls that seemed as though they were made of giant living skin cells,
became one of the iconic images of the games.

The Water Cube received a…


Burton Camera Bag

March 7, 2012

The “Burton F-Stop Pack 28L”. The F-Stop brings together pro-level photography features and snowsports-specific design to give you mobility, capacity, and protection for your cameras, lenses, and accessories….


Oceanist Messenger Bag by Hlaska

March 7, 2012

Another cool product from “Hlaska”, The “Oceanist Large Messenger” bag features a waxed canvas 100% Italian leather and large externel pockets. It fits up to 15″ laptop and a few acessories. Available in brown or black leather….


Stunning Soho Loft by Dub Studios

March 7, 2012

The “Wooster apartment” is a dream pad, it has an impressive 7,200sf and occupies the entire top floor of a landmark red-limestone building at the corner of Wooster and Broome Streets, New York City. The loft was renovated by Natalya Kashper of “Dub Studios”, she is also the lucky owner….


Fiti Handmade

March 7, 2012

I’m not one to ooh and aah over plush toys, but the quality and attention to design of Fiti Handmade’s little monsters was overwhelming enough for me to want to share them with the world. Made by Müge Akgün, a design student located in Istanbul, each one feels meticulously designed…


Minimalist Aquariums by biOrb

March 7, 2012

These aquariums by “Biorb” are very different from anything else on the market, the model featured here is the “biOrb Life Portrait 60L”, it features the unique advanced slim line Intelligent LED Light that provides an automatic 24 hour lighting cycle, including a natural gradual sunrise, sunset and blue moonlight….


Valet Car Seat iPad Mount

March 7, 2012

These were naturally going to appear on the market, specially if you use your ipad as a gps. The “Valet – Seat Bolt Mount iPad” by The Joy Factory, is a versatile iPad In-car Retractable Carbon Fiber Seat Bolt Mount. It gives you hands-free convenience so you can keep your…


High Function Line by Oakley

March 7, 2012

This is definitely a must have you are a gadget lover, the “High function line” by Oakley is celebrating it´s fith season. Using high-performance technical materials, this is the ultimate urban wear. With all the zips and pockets you have space for all your favorite gadgets….


iPhone Telephoto Lens

March 7, 2012

Photojojo keeps surprising us with their weird and wonderful stuff, we have featured here the very cool “Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses”, we now present you we another fun camera lens “The iPhone Telephoto Lens”, it takes iPhoneography to the next level with an 8X telephoto zoom….


Chanel J12 Matte Black

March 7, 2012

Much like how British Racing Green is perfect on just about any fine British automobile, there’s something about black and silver that perfectly complements a high end timepiece. Case in point: Chanel’s new silver-trimmed Matte Black ceramic J12. Link…



March 7, 2012

Amsterdam-based Berndnaut Smilde creates cloud creations with a combination of smoke, moisture, and dramatic lighting. Absolutely stunning, thinks the cloud-obsessed me….


Print On Tile

March 7, 2012

Now, what would you say if you could have any image printed on tiles? That’s exactly what ImageSnap does. Just think of the possibilities!…


HD All-Terrain Digital Camera by VIO

March 7, 2012

The VIO POV HD is a advanced point-of-view camera capable of withstanding the toughest tests. There are several options on the market but none have the strength nor the technical characteristics of HD POV, shock resistant, water, mud, able to endure harsh tests of endurance. Another option is the GoPro…


Hublot Sledge Limited Edition

March 7, 2012

After the Hublot skis, the All Black Hublot bike and now the Hublot sleigh, Hublot continues it´s route in combining various jewels in technology and design. True to the “Art of fusion” so dear to the brand philosophy, the Hublot Sledge is very hi-tech, combining ash wood for the structure,…


Lamborghini Yacht by Mauro Lecci

March 7, 2012

This stunning yacht was initially a concept by Mauro Lecci but seems like it will become a reality. It´s design is inspired by legendary Lamborghini cars like the “Reventon”, the designer applied large windows that recall the air vents of the cars. It´s made from kevlar/carbon making it very light…

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