Lacoste Candles

June 4, 2010

Lacoste is launching their first candle line that takes a page from their sport heritage with tennis themed scents called grass and clay. Grass contains notes of violet leaf and tonka bean while Clay features scents of oakmoss and cedarwood….


Swami’s Surf Co. + Orlebar Brown

June 4, 2010

Some of the coolest new surfboards aren’t being made in Hawaii or even California, they’re being built in London, yes, good ol’ cold and foggy London. Swami’s Surf Co. is set to become the Saville Row tailor of Surfing with their extremely limited bespoke surfboards crafted by some of the…


Nike V-Series

June 4, 2010

“The V-Series range was originally released by Nike in the 1980’s as a ‘technologically advanced running shoe’. Spin, was invited by the sportswear giant to make ‘appropriate promotional materials to support its re-release’. Rather than produce the traditional brochure, Spin produced a dynamic piece of communication that was placed in…


Aruliden for Puma

June 4, 2010

Studio Aruliden designed this clever Ping Pong table ($3,900) for Puma which features a chalkboard surface and a covenient hollowed out storage area for placing all your items during play. The table will be for sale at the Conran Shop in New York on June 3. …



June 3, 2010


June 3, 2010

It’s that silly Volcano in Iceland again! But maybe we can see the beautiful side of it now. Taken by Sean Stiegemeier….


Anti Smoking Concept

June 3, 2010

“People are dying throughout the world of diseases caused by smoking. This package concept shows how close this problem is to us. As every day each smoker carries this problem in his/her pocket. They carry death.” – Designed by Alexander Andrews….


64 by Rio Coffee

June 3, 2010

“Rio Coffee has been hand roasting Australia’s favourite Coffees since 1964, with 14 varieties already in their portfolio. The aim was to create a premium coffee product that reinforced Rio Coffee’s longevity in the coffee industry and evoking a sense of nostalgia by looking back at the birth of the…


Studio 2br

June 3, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce to you a fine selection of work from Studio 2br (or simply 2br) an independent design consultancy working with clients in the UK, Europe and the US. They provide large organisations with clear thinking, plain speaking and graphic design craft.
I hope you…


Fazer Vilpuri

June 3, 2010

Some light-hearted fun packaging, an absolutely adorable range by Finland based Hasan & Partners. …


Trash Me Lamps

June 3, 2010

American designer Victor Vetterlein has made a lamp out of egg boxes. Called Trash Me, the product is made of pulped packaging spread over a mould and left to dry for several days – An electrical cord and bulb are then added, plus a bag of bird seed to weight…


Metro40 by BMW Designworks

June 3, 2010

BMW Group DesignworksUSA, in collaboration with Landscape Forms, has designed Metro40, a stunning collection of site furniture for street-scapes and transit environments. The collection includes a shelter, trash receptacle, bench, bike rack, bollard, lights and poster display. The entire collection is brilliantly designed, but the piece that stands out for…



June 3, 2010

Here’s a great project by Bibliotheque that is worth mentioning on their new website – Our response was to build on the existing logo, comprising simply set black type on a yellow rectangular ground. Our solution was to make more of the wristband’s three-dimensional qualities, developing an iconic yellow ring…


Designers Go To Heaven

June 3, 2010

Designers Go To Heaven is a collection carefully curated by graphic designer Andrei D. Robu, design director and managing partner at ACME who specializes in lettering & illustration….


Mash Creative 2010 Calender

June 3, 2010

Last week I received this gorgeous Limited Edition A1 calendar designed by Mash Creative. The posters are printed 2 colour litho on 170gsm cyclus offset with a 60% cyan shiner to achieve an extra rich black. Each poster is hand numbered and signed by the designer. Only 100 were printed…


João Oliveira

June 3, 2010

Talented graphic designer João Oliveira.


Lucien M. Smith

June 3, 2010

I couldn’t say for sure exactly what No Retrospective is, but it looks as though it’s the umbrella for some really very interesting portfolios of photographs and artwork. If you know more please do let us know, but for the meantime enjoy some aimless clicking – I was especially pleased…


Henrietta Swift

June 3, 2010

Erin Joy sent through photographs of her customised switches in Cape Town, after being sent a pack by a friend for her birthday. Get your own pack of stickers from the YCN shop here.

A set of stickers to turn your dull light switches into smiling faces! Each pack contains four…

Lexus LFA

June 3, 2010

This is the Lexus LFA. The sound of its exhaust can shatter champagne glasses. Or at least that’s what this video wants us to believe.

Well then, seems that if I want to shatter glasses with something other than my awful singing, I’ll need a 552 horespower V10 engine and the…


LEGO Playbrick Earphone

June 3, 2010

These LEGO Playbrick Earphones made me laugh. Lovely idea and it brings back good memories of playing with lego when I was younger….


Blackboard Brooch

June 3, 2010

A simple idea with stacks of personality, these speech bubble brooches are awesome! Make the statement you want to make, then rub it out and start again. Chalk one up for this emerging young designer from Sydney, Zoe Brand….

Picture 2

Tube Tape

June 2, 2010

TubeTape allows you to create your own mixed tapes from your favourite youtube videos, I’ve created my playlist (below) by simply adding the URL id at the end of the website. Easy instructions and can be done in seconds!…


ABC Paper Cups

June 2, 2010

ABC Paper Cups puts an end to the boring design of disposable paper cups. (I know, I know, we shouldn’t go with disposable cups but use reusable plastic cups instead!)…

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